Fluoreszenzküvetten und -zellen

Fluoreszenzküvetten und -zellen

Küvetten und Zellen dienen zur Aufnahme von Proben für spektroskopische und Fluoreszenzmessungen und bestehen aus Quarzglas, optischem Glas, Kunststoff und anderen Materialien. In diesem Artikel werden die folgenden Arten von Küvetten und Zellen vorgestellt:

  1. Fluorometer Küvetten und Zellen
  2. Durch Küvetten und Zellen fließen

Fluorometer Cuvettes and Cells

Open Top Fluorescence Cuvettes

Open Top Standard 3.5ml Fluorometer / Fluorescence Cuvettes

These cuvettes have a volume of 3.5ml, 4 optical polished windows, and 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm outer dimension. Custom engraving/labeling service available.

Accessories for Standard Open top Cuvettes

These silicone lids provide better sealing than PTFE lids and an alternative for self-healing injection. Cuvette racks for easy handling of standard cells.

Open Top Micro/Macro Fluorometer Cuvettes and Cells

While 10mm pathlength cuvettes are the most commonly used, we also supply cell path lengths from 1 mm to 50 mm, as shown below. These are the most basic, fundamental cuvette styles. These cuvettes are also Dual Path Length Cuvettes

Dual Path Length Cuvettes and Cells

By changing the orientation of the dual path length cuvettes in the cuvette holder, researchers can make both fluorescence and absorption measurements in a single cuvette with different path lengths.

All cuvettes below have a 10mm path length in one direction and a smaller(bigger) path length at 90°. All four walls are clear windows.

Longer or smaller light path lengths cuvettes are available by customization.

Compatible Accessories:

We are here to customize:

Customized Shorter Height Cuvettes

10mm Path Length Spectrometer Cuvette but Height is Shorter than Normal 45mm. Height can be customized to any size required.

Customized Shorter Path Length Cuvettes – Non-standard

Here are some examples of the cuvettes path lengths shorter than standard 10mm, with 4 clear windows for fluorescence applications, customization to other sizes is also available:

Tandem/ Divided Cuvette
Customized Two Ends Open Cuvettes

Or you might want the cuvette to be bottomless. Some standard size cuvettes can also be tailored to bottomless.

Stopper Fluorometer Cuvettes

Stopper 10mm Pathlength Fluorescence Cuvettes

Instead of open-top lids, this type of fluorometer cuvettes is equipped with PTFE stoppers which are useful for fluorescence experiments that require airtight sealing.

Micro/Macro Stopper Fluorometer Cuvettes Cells

Compatible Accessories:

Short-Path Length Fluorescence Cuvette with Stopper 

Triangular Fluorescence Cells

Fluorescence cuvettes for use in front-face illumination experiments. These triangle cuvettes are useful for measurements with dense samples with high optical densities.

  • Fits 12.5mm square cell holder
  • Three windows polished

Screw Cap Fluorometer Cuvettes

Screw Cap Standard Fluorometer Cuvettes, Rectangular

Fluorometer cuvette cells with PTFE screw caps and PTFE/silicone liner for use in anaerobic or long-term storage applications. Each cuvette comes with a closed screw cap and liner. Alternatively, a 2mm center hole open screw cap with a SEPTA for self-healing injection applications.

Mikro Schraubverschluss Fluorometer-Küvetten und -Zellen

Compatible Accessories:

Short Height Screw Cap Fluorometer Cuvettes

Short Height and 12*12mm Fluorescence Cuvettes

This type of screw cuvette has 12*12*48mm out dimension.

Graded Seal Fluorescence Cuvettes

Cuvettes with quartz to borosilicate graded seal tubes. This structure allows for these long mouth cuvettes to be welded to other borosilicate structures. The stock tube size is OD 8mm and ID 6mm.

Long mouth cuvette with quartz material tube is also available with a lower cost.

Semi-micro Spectrophotometer Cuvettes

Open tops with Teflon lids, the sample volume is reduced by making the internal width to 1/2/3/4/5mm wide, making the cuvette volume from 3.5ml to 0.35/0.7/1/1.4/1.7mL. The external dimension is still 12.5*12.5*45mm. These cuvettes have a path length of 10mm.

Sub-Micro Fluorescence Cuvettes

Sub-Micro Self-masking Open Top Lid Fluorometer Cuvettes

Fluorometer cells with ultra-micro capacities less than 350uL.The Z dimension is important for sub micro volume cuvettes, where there is a limited sample aperture.

More about Z dimension: https://www.cuvet.co/z-dimensions/

All Black Self Masking Sub-micro Cuvettes

The following self-Masking cuvettes are designed with black walls that absorb direct and scattered light.

Alle durchsichtigen Submikroküvetten


Flow Through Cuvettes and Cells, Quartz

Flow through cuvettes and cells are used with continuous flow measurements in the field of chromatography or system production, another application is sipper systems when individual sample measurements are aspirated into the flow cells.

A wide selection of designs of flow cell volumes, flow patterns, optical path lengths and tubing requirements are available with us to fit each application. It’s our effort to offer this wide range of cells and simplify the process of selection as much as possible. 

The quartz cuvettes are accurate throughout the 190 nm to 2500 nm spectral range. If you have questions or need a custom design of flow cells, please email us and we will answer your requests promptly.


Both Ends Open Flow Cells

These types of cuvettes are bottomless and come without quartz or steel connectors.

Flow Through Cuvettes with Quartz Connectors 

Flow Through Cuvettes with Steel Connectors 

Mounted Type

Demountable Cuvettes

Demountable cuvettes are usually used in measurements of circular dichroism.

Compatible Accessories:

Flow Cells with Side Quartz Connectors

Flow Cells with Screw PTFE Connectors

Sub-micro Self Masking Flow Cells

The following self-Masking cuvettes are designed with black walls that absorb direct and scattered light.

Quartz Connectors Flow Through Cuvettes

M6 Connectors Flow Through Cuvettes

By using M6 threaded connectors, flow cells can be easily and securely connected to pump and manifold plumbing systems. The M6 type is standard metric threaded which makes a tight seal when threaded into the top of the flow through cells.


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