Screw 5mm, 1.75mL, 2 Windows, Round Bottom, HTR, QS2HR05, Spectrophotometer Cuvette for UV-vis


Screw 5mm, 1.75mL, 2 Windows, Round Bottom, HTR, QS2HR05, Spectrophotometer Cuvette for UV-vis

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5 mm path length spectrophotometer cuvette, for uv-vis. PTFE screw cap with ptfe liner. 2 windows clear with high transmission. High quality, excellent chemical compatibility.

  • Round Bottom
  • 2mm Hole Cap
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This is a 5mm path length spectrophotometer cuvette designed with a screw cap for best sealing purposes. The internal width is 10mm. If you don’t want to purchase an additional center hole cap, leave a message to us to replace the default solid cap to the open-top type.

This cuvette cell is high temperature resistant <1200℃,  and high transmission >83%. The screw cap makes it best for anaerobic applications by preventing sample evaporation. The cuvette has 2 polished windows. Fits all standard spectrophotometers.

  • Solid and open-top (on request) screwcap styles
  • Protect air-sensitive samples
  • Prevent evaporation and contamination
  • Avoid potential spills and exposure to chemicals
5mm Spectrophotometer Cuvette Size

The cuvette is designed with septa screw caps for use in anaerobic or long-term storage applications. Each cuvette comes with a closed screw cap or an open screw cap.

This cuvette is our standard type and is a popular choice among researchers who perform anaerobic work. The open septa screw cap enables researchers to make sterile injections into the cuvette without compromising the experiment.

5mm Short Path Length Spectrophotometer Cuvette Specifications

Quartz Scre Cap Spectrophotometer Cuvette
Part No QS2HR05 Inside Width 10mm
Material Quartz Transmission >83% @200nm
Cap Type Screw Cap Volume 1.75ml
Windows 2 Windows Inner Path 10mm
Manufacturing HTR* Outer Size 55*7.5*12.5mm
Bottom Round Wavelength 190-2500nm
Path Length 5mm Include Cap, Septa, Cell

*HTR: High-Temperature Resistant. This type of cuvettes are melt and manufactured as one piece, with extraordinary resistance to high temperature (<1200℃, only applicable for quartz cell) and corrosive chemicals.

These cuvettes can be used with most popular organic solvents, as well as acids and bases. They are compatible with chemicals such as acetone, butanone, DMF, and concentrated hydrochloric acid.

Why Our Cuvettes?

This type of 2 window clear spectrophotometer cuvette is designed with a screw cap for use in anaerobic or long-term storage applications. The order package includes 1pc cap, 1 pc PTFE/silicone liner and the cuvette cell.

Exceptional Accuracy

Optical Path Length and Parallelism are Exceptional Accurate.

Chemical Resistance

Very High-Temperature Stability (<1200℃) and Chemical Resistance.

Guaranteed Transmission

Guaranteed 83% From 190nm up to 2500nm of the Quartz Material.

Proven Accuracy

Guaranteed Precision of Pair Difference of 0.3% (0% On Request).
5mm Path Length Spectrophotometer Cuvette

Cuvette Designed for Anaerobic Work

Spectrophotometer Cuvette Screw Thread

Screw Cap Spectrophotometer Cuvette

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Weight 110 g
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 2 cm

Round Bottom, Flat Bottom, 2mm Hole Cap

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